Publication Date: November 15, 2011

After twenty-five extraordinary years on television, The Oprah Winfrey show came to an end on May 25, 2011.  This oversized book serves a visual masterpiece to take you through the years of her domination of daytime television.  Fans of the show will add this to their collection of Oprah memorabilia that should definitely include the six-disc DVD collection of her greatest moments that was released after the 20th anniversary of her syndicated show

LOVE IT:  There are candid photos that take an exclusive look at Oprah behind the scenes as the show was winding down.  We get never-before-seen photos of Oprah’s intimate moments including access to her entire office as she talks on the phone.  You can see Oprah without makeup and then catch her as she is getting it applied before a show.  There are also images of her on the set and backstage with her crew. Oprah’s all-time favorite guests such as Nelson Mandela, Bono, and Maya Angelou make contributions by eulogizing the show with their fondest memories.  This book can be purchased at local bookstores for $30 but can be if you are patient enough to check on a regular basis you will be able to get this for under $3.00.

HATE IT:  Oprah does not contribute any stories or quotes to this book.  In order for this work to stand the test of time, there should have been a timeline that details every guest, topic, and air date so we can have a history of the show’s progression.  Without this, author Deborah Davis sells herself short by making two-and-a-half decades seem like a few years.

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