Now that Dwight Howard has officially joined the Los Angeles Lakers fans are scrambling to get their hands on any new product that connects them with the superstar center.While Howard’s authentic No. 12 Lakers jersey will not be available for purchase until September, his role in the miCoach by Adidas video game will help provide his followers with countless hours of entertainment leading up to the 2012-13 NBA season that begins in late October.  In the game, the newly acquired All-Star joins an all-star ensemble of athletes including Kaka, Manuel Neuer, Jessica Ennis, Jose Mourinho, Ana Ivanovic, Will Genia, Jrue Holiday, Josh Smith and Eric Berry to train you in the same exercises that have helped them soar to success in their sport.

Released on July 24 by 505 Games, the adidas miCoach console game on Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Move motion controller for PlayStation 3 allows players to work out alongside their role models and use their voice as motivation.  If they can do it so can you.  Computerized versions of the athletes will be your instructors throughout the training program. As in most dance and fitness games, you’ll be mirroring their moves as they do them on-screen.  After completing a certain number of exercises with each athlete, you can also unlock “master class” videos where they’ll share additional insider tips.  As a lead spokesperson for the game, Howard’s appeal is in his ability to be a soft-spoken motivator.

“During the game Dwight speaks quite often and offers inspirational quotes, his bio, and words of encouragement,” said Lisa Fields, North American PR Director at 505 Games. “In the game his exercises include the pillar bridge, lateral pillar bridge, reverse lunge, push-up, plank, and crunch.  Consumers can expect a high-energy Dwight coaching players through exercises and basketball training.”

While there are other video games on the market that promote physical fitness and claim to be an alternative way to exercise without going to the gym, Pablo Dopico, Gaming Manager for miCoach, believes that their product is more authentic.

“MiCoach is a real sports performance product,” said Dopico. “Not only it allows you to train next to your hero, but also encourages you to take your training outdoors, add a cardio program, and follow comprehensive training programs tailored to your fitness level, with clear goals that will help you get tangible results. All the exercises have been designed and supervised by professional coaches and they are part of the real training routines of the athletes that are included in the game. MiCoach is designed to help you get better at your sport like no other title.”

A unique feature of the game is the training games section that allows you to reenact the movements of a particular sport.  In the basketball simulation you are actually shooting baskets.  You will be able to bend down, pick up the ball, aim, and shoot in the same motion that you would shoot a real basketball.  During the soccer segment you can act as a goalie blocking a shot or play the role of an offensive player attempting to score a goal.  You can also feel like a legitimate tennis pro when you complete forehands, backhands, and smashes like you are competing on the clay at Wimbledon.

While an exercise stability ball and hand weights are not a requirement to navigate through the game it will help expand your training regimen and do more of what the pros do.  Learn more about Dwight Howard’s love for the adidas miCoach.

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