September 14, 2012:  “I honestly can’t wrap my head around the idea of him shooting himself,” said 50 Cent to Angie Martinez on Hot 97.  “I don’t have all the information so I don’t want to say anything other than what’s being said publicly but I don’t believe that just because my personal interactions with him never gave an indication that that was even possible.  The first thing I see is that he owes $5 million dollars and he doesn’t owe $5 million dollars. I’m sure he doesn’t.  [It was] $300,000 and he wasn’t in a hurry to pay.  It’s not like there was ever a point that the vacation was being missed and the lifestyle was like, ‘I’ll get to that when I get to that.’ Then away from that when the $5 million bill was there, I gave him a million dollars.  I loaned him a million dollars then he paid me back and in the interest on it was another $200,000 so take that $5 [million] turn that into $6.2 [million] and then say it’s down to $300.000.  There’s no reason to do that over money.  At that point you took care of all your bills.  None of it made any sense to me.”


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