If you heard DJ Clue’s sequence last night then you were locked into Power 105.1 FM as he took you down memory lane for the hottest hip-hop from the late 90’s.  None was more electrifying than when he played Memphis Bleek’s “Hand It Down” in its entirety.  Although it’s Bleek’s song, when you research the track it may be considered as part of Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella résumé since it is the first song you hear on his classic “Vol. 2, Hard Knock Life” album, the biggest selling CD of Hova’s career that went on to be certified 5x platinum after being released on September 29, 1998.

Jay-Z believed so much in Bleek that he allowed his 20-year-old protégé to have the entire intro to himself and it ended up being his best work as he was simulteanously sarcastic, rude, and unwavering.  What makes it a classic?  Besides Bleek’s ridiculous bars, DJ Premier’s production is timeless as he uses the rapper’s adlibs along with Jigga’s for 30 seconds leading up to the young MC’s proclamation that, “Man, I’m trying to come on ya’ll/ Get one up on ya’ll/ That’s why I hustle in these streets from sundown to sunup on ya’ll.”

The best bars by Memphis BleekScrew Gooden, I pitch in the PJs/ Lit off the E&J

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