No one knows what’s happening with the Diplomats reunion, as the members of Harlem’s infamous rap have all evolved on their own.  Jim Jones is reality television star after the success of VH1’s “Chrissy & Mr. Jones.”  Juelz Santana is planning to release an upcoming album executive produced by Lil Wayne.  Cam’ron, who just released “The Bluff” single and video with Wiz Khalifa, is also working on a joint album with Mac Miller.  It’s still unclear as to whether the Dipset are still signed to Interscope Records, being executive produced by Dr. Dre or being managed by Irv Gotti.  When Irv Gotti visited RapFix Live at MTV last yearr he spoke of the challenges in dealing with the Dipset.

“I got involved Sway because I heard that “Salute” records and it was one of those records that moved me,” said Gotti.  “I sat with the Dipset and I put them together with Jimmy [Iovine, Charman of Interscope Records].  I just brokered the deal.  I just was like, “Jimmy this is hot” and I was like these dudes have a movement.  They have a serious movement.  There’s another group of guys though that just sh_t because when you look at it they could be so bigger than what they are.  They could be so much bigger than what they are but just dealin’ with them, they just crazy.  Jimmy is about his business.  Cam is about his business a little.  Juelz is, I don’t know, he’s somewhere doin’ Juelz.  I love em’ all but they know what I’m talking about.  I feel they can be so much more than what they are.”

Until we hear the final word on the Diplomats deal, die-hard fans have to replay the music that made them fall in love with the group in the first place.  There’s no other track that epitomizes their movement more than “Real Ni***s” that features all three members rhymes over the a classic instrumental that Nas and AZ used on “Mo Money Mo Murder (Homicide).”  Killa Cam’s opening line is both disturbing and brilliant as he discusses a debate with his mother about why his drug dealing is as important as her full-time job.  Oh boy! 

The best bars by Cam’ronAiyyo I argue with my mother, spring, summer, fall and winter time/ Get that off the table Cam’ron it’s dinner time/ I got a line downstairs ma, I’m in the grind/ From 10 to 9, you do your business right?/ Let me attend to mine

The best bars by Juelz SantanaI believe in black soldiers, black clovers/ Black roses on your grave, snakes and black cobras/ Black vultures, rats roaches, sleep now, they laughs over

The best bars by Jim Jones:   And to my soldiers rocking green in the country/ Keep your dean and stay hungry/  Let’s get this cream and get money

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