When nuvoTV announced last week that it would be joining forces with Jennifer Lopez there was great excitement and curiosity from the dedicated viewers of the cable channel, as well as fans of the international pop star. Founded in 2004, the network formerly known as SiTV, was the first cable channel of its kind to offer English-language programming to the Latino community. 

Lopez has acquired a stake in the television channel and will be heavily involved in many aspects of the promotional and marketing strategy moving forward.  Her production company, Nuyorican Productions, will also develop and produce shows for the network, which is currently available in more than 30 million homes.  Lopez will also be in front of the camera as well, as her current “Dance Again World Tour” will be made into a music special that airs on nuvoTV next year.

In a recent press release announcing the new merger, Lopez stated that the alignment with nuvoTV represents “our mutual goal of creating top-quality entertainment and exciting stories that embrace the richness and beauty of Latin culture in America today.”  I reached out to nuvoTV’s CEO, Michael Schwimmer, to shed light on what this new endeavor means for the future of the network.

Will Jennifer be involved in overseeing all of the shows on the network or will she be selecting specific shows to work on?

Jennifer will be involved in programming and marketing discussions for many of the shows on nuvoTV, including those produced by her company, Nuyorican Productions. For shows created by Nuyorican she will also serve as executive producer.
But Jennifer has a number of roles at nuvoTV. So, in addition to helping with programming, she will be involved in decisions on content for the network and on the business side with advertising and distribution partners.
Can we expect Jennifer to make a guest appearance on any of the shows?

Yes, on some. She will appear on shows where it makes sense for the program, for the network and for her brand.
Will viewers be given any behind the scenes footage of Jennifer during the day-to-day operations of nuvoTV?

It’s not in the plans right now for Jennifer to shoot behind-the-scenes footage of her work with nuvoTV. But that’s a great idea!
Are there any plans for a Jennifer Lopez show on the network?

Well, we are just kicking off the partnership, so everything is being considered. You’ll have to tune in and see.
When can viewers expect to see the concert tour special?

Jennifer has just finished up her tour stateside and then she is playing Europe and Asia. Viewers will see the hard work it takes to put together such an amazing show.  We expect the concert special to premiere in early 2013.
Will Jennifer’s previous films or music videos be seen on the network?

Our relationship with Jennifer and her team has just kicked off.  The exact programming strategy will be developed and shared with everyone in the coming months.
Will Jennifer promote nuvoTV through other television and radio outlets or the company’s Web site?

Yes. Jennifer is excited about building the network and is also a part owner of nuvoTV, so you can expect that she will promote the network when it is appropriate.
When does Jennifer’s role with the company officially begin?

The announcement was the official kick-off of the partnership. So, we have begun.
Along with the addition of Jennifer, are there any other changes that viewers can expect to see immediately on nuvoTV?

We just debuted two new shows on nuvoTV, “Mario Lopez: One-on-One” and “Curvy Girls.”
In “Mario Lopez One-on-One,” Mario hosts exclusive one-on-one interviews with celebrities, including Eva Longoria and Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez. The interviews are designed to be revealing discussions with some of the biggest Latino superstars.
“Curvy Girls” is a reality show that gives viewers an opportunity to see inside the world of professional plus-size modeling.
Are there any promotional items that fans can purchase from nuvoTV in anticipation of the latest move including t-shirts or any other apparel?

We have no merchandising plans at the present time.
Jennifer is clearly a fan of the network. Has she specified what shows that she watches regularly on nuvoTV?

The focus of our relationship with Jennifer is on building new content for viewers.
For people of all ethnic backgrounds who are excited about this announcement, please let them know why nuvoTV should be their network of choice?

The largest percentage of Latinos in the U.S. watches their entertainment in English. Most of these are English-speaking second and third generation Latinos, or those who have come to the U.S. at an early age and enjoy their TV shows in English. They can see themselves – their lives and culture – reflected in the original and acquired stories we air.
This doesn’t mean that the network will appeal only to Latinos because the programs are very diverse. It means that all people can find and fall in love with shows and characters they can relate to because they share a similar background or experience.  


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