Listening to Meek Mill’s album to gain a better understanding of who is he is one thing but hearing his unscripted remarks about his own story is even better.  Narrated by MTV’s in-house writer Shaheim Reid, he reveals the dreams of finally making it in the music industry as the most sought-after member of Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group.  But there have also been nightmares along the way including the murder of his father as a child and numerous run-ins with the law that occurred before and after his solo success in the rap game.  While Meek discusses his trials and tribulations during a one-on-one interview with Reid, there is also footage of countless co-signs from Diddy, Ross, DJ Khaled and others.  Ross may be credited with signing the young MC but the documentary shows that it was D.J. Cosmic Kev of Philadelphia’s Power 99 FM that was instrumental in helping Meek meet Ross at the radio station to talk business and ultimately change his life.

The best sound bites from Meek Mill:  “When I was on house arrest, I was going in for a month making Dreamchasers 1.  I was going into the studio for three months when I made Dreamchasers 2.  Let me do the same thing on my debut album.  Don’t let me be recording on the road with different engineers, bullshit studios here and there.  Let me stay in my zone and that’s what people gotta know man.  Don’t let these people throw you off and have you doing something totally different.  That’s why I pushed my album back.  Don’t think the label said it.  Everybody wanted me to drop, everybody, my whole label, everybody.  I’m like, ‘I’m not ready. I just came off of two tours.  I barely recorded.’  But now I just did these three weeks in Miami.  We always ready.”



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